Choosing Cylinder Steel Grade 34CrMo4 4140Steel 37mn from AGICO Steel

Cylinders Steel

Steel gas cylinders are manufacturing special steel cylinders. Requirements are usually smaller carbon content, strictly control the sulphur and phosphorus contents, meet the strength at the same time, good toughness and impact energy. 100% non-destructive testing.
Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Name: Cylinders Steel with 34Cr Mo4
  • Standards: GB18248 - 2000
  • OD: Φ50-325mm; wall thickness: 3-55mm;
  • OD tolerance: ±0.75%;
  • Wall margin: -10%—+12.5%
  • Transverse slope: ≤2mm; 
  • Straightness: 1mm/1m; 
Inside diameter roundness: no more than 80% of the OD diameter tolerance
Surface quality: without crack, folding, delamination and stammer
Product Categories: Seamless steel tubes for high pressure vessels
Usages: For all kinds of fuel, hydraulic, trailer, station with gas bottle
cylinder steel

Steel Grade: 34CrMo4、30CrMo、34Mn2V、35CrMo、37Mn、16Mn
a. Should meet: V+Nb+Ti+B+Zr≤0.15%。
b. Depending on the requirements, consultation by both supply and demand, and noted in the contract to meet the S≤0.010%,P+S≤0.025%。