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Mold Steel Plate

Mold steel plate allow manufacturers to shape pliable raw materials, such as ceramic materials, composite materials, metals, plastics, and rubber. The base material is poured within, then mixed through processes of compression, injection, and pressure molding.

mold steel plate Specification Range
  • Thickness: 8-650 mm
  • Width: 1500-4020 mm
  • Length:3000-18000 mm
  • Maximum weight for single order: 25 tons
Technical Parameters:
Steel Grade Executive Standard Specification Range and Status on Delivery Applications
P20 WYJ001-2004

Status on delivery: per clients' requirements, can be hot rolled, control-rolled, normalized, annealed and tempered, normalized + tempered, hardened + tempered, etc.

Applicable for the manufacture of various types of plastic molds, high mirror molds, mold bases, etc.