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Alloy Steel Plate

Our range of alloy steel plates are precision made using high grade metal and alloys. These plates are broadly utilized in various industries due  to their excellent tensile strength, resistance to corrosion and long working life. To ensure quality standards, these are tested as per the relevant industrial standards.

alloy steel plate Specification:
  • Thickness:5mm-300mm
  • Width:1600mm-4500mm
  • Length:3000mm-18000mm
  • Maximum Weight for Single Order:25 Ton Status on Delivery

The brand Numbers indicates the carbon content. The structural steel is the number of one over ten thousand of units to show carbon content; while tool steel and special steel are the number of one over one thousand of show carbon content. The carbon content of tool steel is more than 1%, carbon content is not be marked. Showing the digital of carbon content, with the chemical symbol of elements indicate the main alloy elements of steel. Structural alloy steel 42Cr, which is the wonderful raw material of making wood pellet machine. average carbon content is 0.40%, main alloy element Cr content is below 1.5%.Alloy tool steel 5CrMnMo average carbon content is 0.5%, main alloy element Cr, Mo and Mn content is all below 1.5%.

Technical Data of Alloy Steel Plate
Steel Grade Executive Standard
15CrMo/ 20CrMo/ 30CrMo/ 35CrMo, 20Cr, 40Cr20Mn2/ 40Mn2/ 20CrMnMo/ 12Cr1MoV/ 10CrMoAL GB3077/GB11251and special purpose & condition
25CrMo4/34CrMo4/42CrMo4 EN10083-1
30CrMnSiA/35CrMnSiA WYJ21-98
42CrMo SYJ17-99
21CrMo10 WYJ16-99

According to the performance and the requirements from clients, the status on delivery of steel plate can be hot rolled ,controlled rolling, normalizing, nnealed tempering, normalizing + tempering, hardening + tempering , etc.

Flaw detection and Through-Thickness Property: We are capable of manufacturing the steel plate with additional flaw detection and Z15-Z35 tear resistance ( Through-Thickness Property ), also can supply you with  Z-Direction Steel Plate acoording to ASTM、A770 standard.

Application: Apply to manufacture various types of alloy structural parts and components, such as headers of  power station boiler's superheater and large caliber structural parts by pipe and plate.