High Quality Carbon Construction Steel Plate for Sale

Construction Steel

Construction steel is usually divided into steel structure steel and reinforced concrete structure steel. Steel structure steel contains ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy structural steel. Varieties include section steel, copper pipe and steel bar. Section steel includes angle steel, T-shaped and channel steel. Reinforced concrete structure steel uses steel bar. According to process methods, it is divided into hot rolling steel bar, heat treatment steel bar, cold drawn bar, cold drawn low carbon wire and stranded wire tube; According to surface shape, it is divided into smooth and thread steel bar. According to steel types, it is divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel. The strength of steel bar is divided into I、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ、V in China.

carbon construction steel plage

Construction Steel Specification:

  • Thickness:8mm-300mm
  • Width:1500mm-4020mm
  • Length:3000mm-18000mm
Technical Parameters:
Steel Grade Executive Standard
10-55 20Mn-50Mn GB711and special purpose and condition
SS400 JIS G 3101
SM400(A、B) JIS G 3106
S10C-S55C JIS G 4051
St37-2,St37-3 DIN17100
A36/A283(A/B/C/D) 1010-1050 ASTM
40(A/B/C/D/E) BS4360
S235(JR/JO/J2G3/J2G4) EN10025
1C22/1C25/1C30/1C35 1C40/1C45/1C50/1C55 EN10083-2
Fe360(A/B/C/D) ISO630

Maximum Weight for Single Order:25 Ton Status on Delivery. According to the performance and the requirements from clients, the status on delivery of steel plate can be hot rolled ,controlled rolling, normalizing, annealed tempering, normalizing + tempering, hardening + tempering , etc.

Flaw detection and Through-Thickness Property: We are capable of manufacturing the steel plate with additional flaw detection and Z15-Z35 tear resistance ( Through-Thickness Property ), also can supply you with Z-Direction Steel Plate acoording to ASTM、A770 standard.

Application: Apply to manufacture all kinds of steel riveting, plug, welding for structural parts.