Supplier of Steel Plate for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Boilers Steel Plate

Maximum Weight for Single Order:25 Ton Status on Delivery. According to the performance and the requirements from clients, the status on delivery of steel plate can be hot rolled, ontrolled rolling, normalizing,annealed tempering, normalizing + tempering, hardening + tempering , etc.
boiler steel plate


  • Thickness:8mm-300mm
  • Width:1500mm-4020mm
  • Length:3000mm-18000mm
Technical Parameters:
Steel Grade Executive Standard
20g, 16Mng, 15CrMog,12CrlMoVg, 19Mng,22Mng, 13MnNiCrMoNbg GB713-97
20R, 16MnR, 15MnVR,15CrMoR, 13MnNiMoNbR,15MnNbR, 15MnVNR GB6654-96
16MnDR, 09MnNiDR, 15MnNiDR GB3531
12Cr2Mo1R, 14Cr1MoR,07MnCrMoVR, 07MnNiCrMoVDR GB150
SB410, SB450, SB480 JIS G 3103
SPV235, SPV315, SPV355,SPV410, SPV450, SPV490 JIS G 3115
SGV410, SGV450, SGV480 JIS G 3118
SEV245, SEV295, SEV345 JIS G 3124
HI, HII, 10CrMo910, 15Mo3,13CrMo44, 19Mn6 DIN17155
BHW35 Thyssen
13MnNiMo54 Dillingen
1Cr0.5Mo, 2.25Cr1Mo,1.25Cr0.5Mo special purpose & condition
(S)A299M,(S)A515M(Gr.60,65,70),(S)A516M(Gr.55,60,65,70),(S)A204M(Gr.A,B,C),(S)A387M(Gr.11,12,22),(S)A537M(CL.1,CL.2),(S)A662M(Gr.A,B,C),(S)A302M(Gr.A,B,C,D),(S)A737M(Gr.B,C),(S)A738M(Gr.A,B,C),(S)A533M(I,II) ASTM, ASME
P235GH, P265GH, P295GH,P355GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5,10CrMo9-10, 11CrMo9-10 EN10028-2
A42, A52, A48 NF A36-205
20MnHR, 20HR, 16MnHR special purpose & condition
161G430 BS1501

Flaw detection and Through-Thickness Property: We are capable of manufacturing the steel plate with additional flaw detection and Z15-Z35 tear resistance ( Through-Thickness Property ), also can supply you with  Z-Direction Steel Plate acoording to ASTM、A770 standard. 

Application: Apply to manufacture  pillar and the load-bearing beam for  industrial & civil buildings and other steel structure, pellet machine making and etc.