High Strength Low Alloy Steel Sheets for Sale

HSLA Steel Sheet

Low alloy steel (HSLA) is referred to alloy elements less than 3.5% of the total. Relative to carbon steel, low alloy steel, on the basis of carbon steel in order to improve one or more performances of steel is added one or several alloy steel elements. The alloy is more than carbon steel during normal production methods, which is called alloy steel. Alloy less than 3.5%, it is called low alloy steel; alloy between 3.5% and 10%, it is called medium alloy steel; alloy more than 10%, it is called high alloy steel.

HSLA steel sheet Specification:
  • Thickness:8mm-300mm
  • Width:1500mm-4020mm
  • Length:3000mm-18000mm
Technical Parameters:
Steel Grade Executive Standard
12Mn,16Mn 15MnV,15MnVN 14MnNb GB3274-88
Q295(A,B), GB/T1591-94
Q345(A,B,C,D,E)≤100mm GB/T1591-94
Q345(A,B,C,D,E)≥ 102mm Q/WTB8 - 2000
Q390(A,B,C,D,E) Q420(A,B,C,D,E) Q460(C,D,E) GB/T1591-94
Q500(D,E),Q550(D,E), Q620(D,E),Q690(D,E) GB/T16270
SM490(A,B,C),SM490Y(A,B) SM520(B,C),SM570 JIS G3106
SS490,SS540 JIS G3101
St44-3,St52-3,St50-2 St60-2,St70-2 DIN17100
StE315,StE355,StE380 StE420,StE460,StE500 DIN17102
A572M(Gr42,50,60,65) A633M(A,C,D,E) ASTM
S275(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4) S355(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4, K2G3,K2G4) E295,E335,E360 EN10025
S275N,S275NL,S355N,S355NL S420N,S420NL,S460N,S460NL EN10113
50(A,B,C,D,DD,EE,F) 43(A,B,C,D,EE),55(C,EE,F) BS4360
WH60(A、B、C、D、E), WJX013-2001
WH70 WYJ060-2000
WH80 WYJ002-2002
WH410LK(BB41BF) WH490LK(BB503) special purpose and condition
E355(DD,E),E460(CC,DD,E) ISO4950-2
E420(DD,E),E460(DD,E) E550(DD,E) High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) ISO4950-3
Fe430(A,B,C,D) Fe510(B,C,D) ISO630

Maximum Weight for Single Order:25 Ton Status on Delivery. According to the performance and the requirements from clients, the status on delivery of steel plate can be hot rolled ,controlled rolling, normalizing,annealed tempering, normalizing + tempering, hardening + tempering , etc.

Flaw detection and Through-Thickness Property: We are capable of manufacturing the steel plate with additional flaw detection and Z15-Z35 tear resistance ( Through-Thickness Property ), also can supply you with Z-Direction Steel Plate acoording to ASTM、A770 standard.

Application: Apply to manufacture factory building, civil building and all kinds of engineering machinery in mine industry and various of civil construction, such as drilling rig, electric shovel, powered wheel tipper, mining vehicles, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, industrial blowers, various types of cranes, mining machinery and equipment,such as hydraulic support and other structural parts.