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The discovery and usage of Ship Steel

Ship Steel helped we human beings to walk out of the Bronze Age to enter the Iron Age. And I have to say that the Iron Age has not ended because iron are still playing one of the most important roles in the human society.

Among all of the metal people had kwon in the ancient time, Ship Steel was discovered relatively late.

Unlike silver and gold, iron is active metal, and also the metal element can not be easily found. But once it had been discovered, it started to play a very important role in the human society. And the iron making industry started to boom

Like all the other new technology, Ship Steel was initially applied on weapons.

Before iron, weapons were made of bronze which is soft and might be broken up. Iron is stronger than bronze and can be very sharp. It had been then applied in several aspects of the society. Iron kitchen knife and iron plough were found in all the ancient civilizations. Such application continued for almost one thousand years till the appearance of steel.

People discovered that though iron was stronger and harder than bronze, it was still soft.

The bald might bend against other stronger materials. Also, the rustiness was a very serious problem. Accidentally, iron makers found that if the iron was combined with carbon, it could become extremely strong and will not get rusty easily. And that's the discovery of steel, the industry significant discovery because steel has a better physics, chemical, and mechanical behavior than iron. With this particular discovery, the history of the human kind entered a completely new trend, and somehow caused the truly amazing industrial revolution. Steel are actually applied in all kinds of industries.

  • In construction industry, steel can be used to form the main structural support, since they're strong and hard. A building built with steel in it is solid and has a wonderful anti-seismic behavior, which provides the building an extended use life.
  • In automobile manufacture, Ship Steel can be used to however the main structure to guarantee the sturdiness of the car.
  • In shipbuilding industry, boiler quality plate is playing probably the most important roles. Because the life of the ship is decided by the die steel, so the die steel is generally very thick.

Die steel also offers a number of thickness for different usage. And other kinds of steel like round bar steel, joist steel all have numerous usages in various types of fields.