Supplier of Rolled Steel for Building Structures

Rolled Steel for Building Structures

Submit the fabrication drawings for review. Include on the drawings complete details, dimensions, size of material, welding procedures, and other information necessary for the complete fabrication and erection of the work.

Check and approve fabrication drawings before submitting. The Contractor's approval stamp and signature must be on each drawing.

The Project Manager must review the Drawings before fabrication begins. The Department has 20 working days to review and return the fabrication drawings. The contract time will be extended day for day for any delay beyond the 20-day review period if the Department’s delay affects the Contractor’s operation as shown on the current work schedule.

Furnish all fabrication drawings on 22-inch x 36-inch (A1 paper) with a 1 1/2-inch (46 mm) margin on the left side and a 1/2-inch (43 mm) margin on the other three sides. Once the work is completed, provide the original tracings, if required, to the Project Manager.

Changes to the plans or substitutions of sections requested by the Contractor regarding plate size, splice location, details of appurtenances, or details of welds cannot decrease the dimensions or section properties of the member or increase the weight of the member.

Submit all requests for changes for review and approval. All approved changes are at the Contractor's expense, including any additional freight and handling charges. The approved changes will be by change order, and include any cost savings.