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Giving doesn't Necessarily Equal to Helping Although you live highly civilized world like the US and Japan It isn't a hardship on you to definitely realize that there are lots of areas which are still looking for all kinds of developments. And we call such situation the Unbalanced Development, which is a serious issue in the modern world. Can you imagine while you are staying in a five-star hotel with top service while people living in other part of the world don't have any crib tonight? Are you able to imagine when you are having your delicious steak within the restaurant and people who lives somewhere on the same earth are facing the serious problem of hunger? Yes, you can imagine this stuff, but things i am going to tell you is that you don't need to imagine. Such things are in fact happening at this time.
Yes, of course, the magnificent western world is highly developed, and countries like China, India and Brazil are doing an extremely amazing speed. But there are lots of other countries like Chad, Ethiopia and Mali that are still looking for basic humanitarian aid, which is a very serious problem since it is responsible for many wars and immigration problems and will cause more. So the unbalance development ought to be solved as quickly as possible, but understandably that's very difficult to deal with. Every year, there are lots of expertise from the United Nations visit such regions to help the industrial and humanitarian development, but things just do not happen as what we hoped. And new methods ought to be applied.
Now here is a successful example. Tanzania surely cannot be the most successful country in Africa, nevertheless its development has caught the eyes of the world. Although the economic development is not as amazing as India, it has been steady over the past decades. Early in the 1960s, China began to help the united states using its development. The Chinese has helped them with the infrastructures constructions and doing import and export trade to speed in the development of this country. The past few years, the economical relationship of the two countries has been widened. For example, Chine used to sale Prepainted Steel Sheet to Tanzania years ago, but now china individuals are helping these phones build factories that enable them to produce their ownPrepainted Steel Sheet , which is a significant contribution towards the further development of Tanzania.
China and Tanzania is simply one successful example. And I believe there are more effective things that can be achieved.