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PPGI Steel

PPGI steel may be extended easily using modular or ‘volumetric’ units which are self supporting vertically, but which are supported laterally by the existing structure. Modules are generally less than 3.6 m wide so that they can be transported without special escort and are easily lifted into place. Cladding can be pre attached, or can be installed conventionally on site.
The use of modular units in renovation applications is most well established in Scandinavia.  Interest in modular construction for building extensions is increasing in the UK, and recent applications include medium sized hotels and social housing projects[ ].
An example of the use of modular construction in a rooftop extension to create new study bedrooms in a student residence is illustrated in Figure 1. The light steel structure of the open sided modules that were used in this project is shown in Figure 4. In this case, the floor and roof members of the 6 m long modules were orientated longitudinally.