High Quality PPGI Steel Coils for Sale

PPGI Steel Coils

The use of high-quality substrate, the surface of the substrate, shape and dimensional accuracy requirements are higher and higher, such as a small outdoor hot dip galvanized steel coil zinc flower formation, flower formation of zinc-free hot dip galvanized steel coil in a timely manner under the Study the rise of hot dip zinc alloy; indoor such as galvanized steel coil, cold rolled plates and aluminum foil paper.Improved pre-treatment and pretreatment solution, the number of devices, low cost technology to become mainstream, and continuously improve the stability of the pretreatment solution, corrosion resistance and environmental protection.
Focus on the development of new coatings for general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol improved access to super color reproducibility, anti-UV, anti-sulfur dioxide, to improve corrosion resistance; development of resistance to pollution, heat and other functions coatings.Unit equipment better. Such as the use of new welding machine, the new roller coating machine, perfect curing oven, equipped with advanced automated instrumentation.
As the cold than hot embossing flowers, low cost, with the beautiful, three-dimensional, high strength characteristics, so cold embossing technology become a trend.Focus on product diversification, functional, gentrification, such as deep red type color-coated, "citron skin" color-coated, anti-static color-coated, resistant to pollution, color-coated, high heat absorption of the color coating and so on.