High Quality PPGI Steel Coil for Sale

PPGI Steel Coil

Coated steel with a light, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, can be directly processed, it gives the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry, such as providing a new raw materials, played with steel and wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, prevent pollution and other good results. Use galvanized steel color coated steel substrate, with the exception of zinc protection, organic coating on the zinc layer covering the isolation from the role, to prevent rusting steel, galvanized steel more than life, It is reported that coating the service life of galvanized steel sheet is 50% longer than that.However, in different regions and the use of different parts of the same amount of zinc, the same paint, same color coated sheet coating thickness, its life will be different. For example, in industrial or coastal areas, due to the air, the role of sulfur dioxide gas or salt, corrosion accelerated life affected. In the rainy season, wet by rain coat long, day and night temperature difference is too large or the site of condensation of moisture will corrode quickly, life will be reduced.Color coated steel sheet of the building or plant, often by rain flushing long service life, otherwise, due to the sulfur dioxide gas, the role of salt and dust affect the use. Therefore, in the design, if the greater the inclination of the roof, the more difficult to accumulate dust and dirt, the longer service life; for those who frequently wash the area from rain or parts, should be regularly washed with water.