Manufacturer and Supplier of PPGI Sheets

PPGI Sheets

Cold-rolled substrate production by the color plates, with smooth beautiful appearance, and has the processing performance of cold-rolled sheet; but any small scratches the surface coating substrate will be exposed to cold air, so that the exposed Fe fast Department generation of red rust. Therefore, these products can only be used for less demanding interim quarantine measures and for interior timber.

Tu Fu in the organic coating on galvanized steel shall be hot dip galvanized color coated products. Color coated galvanized addition to protective effects of zinc, the organic coating on the surface also played an isolation protection against rust effect, the service life longer than the hot dip galvanized sheet. Hot dip galvanized zinc substrate is generally 180g/m2 (double), construction, galvanized external volume of hot dip galvanized substrates up to 275g/m2.