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Effects of environment upon crack growth rates of high strength steels at yield strength of 185 to 270 ksi have been evaluated. The steels include 4340, d6AC, 300M, HP 9-4-20,HP 310, and AF 1410 a modification of the HY 180 type containing 10 Ni and 14 Co (w/o). Both static stress corrosion and low cycle corrosion fatigue experiments were conducted using compact tension specimens and a double cantilever beam displacement gauge for continuous monitoring for crack – growth rate. The environments used in these experiments were distilled water, aqueous sodium chloride, ambient air, and aqueous corrosion inhibitors with and without sodium chloride. Crack growth rates were highest in distilled water and sodium chloride solutions. Inhibitors lowered crack growth rates by one order of magnitude to rates substantially identical to those obtained in ambient air. Very little environment enhancement of crack growth rates was found for AF 1410 as compared to other steels; consequently, effects from the use of inhibitors were minimal. The effects of processing variations in Af 1410 specimens however were found to produce high crack- growth rates in 95% R.H. air.