Supplier of High Strength Steel Plate

High Strength Steel Plate

High-strength steel Plate as the main construction work force in parts, all types of construction projects in foreign countries to use more common. The domestic high-strength steel rod (mainly refers to more than Rel ≥ 460Mpa steel rod) all rely on imports, only the general strength of the steel rod (relative to the Rel ≥ 460Mpa steel rod, mainly refers to the Rel ≥ 235Mpa, Rel ≥ 345Mpa steel bar) a small number of manufacturers in the country, the lack of competitive advantage.
High-strength steel rod through product development, in the material selection, heat treatment, forging process, pull test and achieved a major breakthrough, and to create a high-strength steel rod of a number of technical achievements. The successful development of high-strength steel rod of the overall performance have reached and exceeded the international advanced level of similar products.