High Quality 1018 Steel for Sale

1018 Steel

1018 Steel, hot rolled steel

1.     Grade: Material #20 GB or S20C JIS or  equivalent Case hardening Grade
2      Thickness: 2.0mm-16.0mm
3.     Width: 1000mm-6000mm

4.     Weight of the unit: 6  - 20 tons
5.     End Use: Drawing, Cold Forming, turning, Case Hardening ( Direct   Quenching)
       Liangang steel got a smooth surface, high flatness and fracture toughness.  It’s widely used as building materials and in making vehicle, pressure vessel and machinery.
       Their products are also good for coating.  They got smooth and flat surfaces which enables worker to paint on the steel directly.  They are highly purified, which meets the requirement for further process like acid pickling, blue zinc coating and color-plated zinc